Clash of the Titans: Bloomberg vs. Trump.

Clash of the Titans: Bloomberg vs. Trump.

Who has a chance to win?

Former billionaire and mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg will take part in the 2020 presidential campaign. The American philanthropist will fight for victory to become the leader of the US Democratic Party.

The businessman’s political strategists said Bloomberg’s main goal was to defeat incumbent President Donald Trump and unite Democrats and Republicans against him. According to the entrepreneur, there should not be another four years of reckless and unethical actions on the part of the head of state.

Actual Party Candidates

According to a poll for a billionaire, 4% of participants in democratic primaries are ready to vote and 31% are ready to vote for former Vice President Joe Biden, 20% will vote for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and 18% for Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

In-Game Bets

The billionaire himself believes that experience in business and politics will help him to defeat Trump. Bloomberg is essentially a story about his achievements as mayor of New York from 2002 to 2013, as well as in the field of charity.

Key Points

The businessman planned several key areas of his program, among them the foreground is healthcare and the environment. In healthcare, Bloomberg advocates maintaining and improving the current health insurance system. He criticizes the plan “Free medical care for all,” because he believes that he will bankrupt the United States soon.

Critical Look at Billionaire Politics

Despite the fact that political experts positively assess Bloomberg’s administration, they do not deny the presence of weaknesses. Among his successes can be considered that he strengthened control over the carrying of weapons, lobbied for the legalization of gay marriage in the city and eased the rules for immigrants.

The points for which the businessman was criticized include unsuccessful reform of urban education, support for the Stop and Search practice, a secret study of the Muslim community, and sexist statements.

Bloomberg’s Opportunities

The entrepreneur has a serious advantage to be a billionaire. It is still unknown how much of the fortune of $ 54.7 billion the businessman is going to spend on his campaign. He said that he would allocate $ 100 million only for advertising to discredit Trump.

Analysts believe that Bloomberg should not bet on a conflict with Trump. It is better for him to identify himself as a candidate who will unite by a disparate state.

Gold and oil sales according to plan for November 21

Gold and oil sales according to plan for November 21


According to the current state, gold is consolidating between marks 1479 and 1465. A pattern in the form of a “V” for sale has formed.

To enter the market according to pattern V, which was formed within the consolidation, it is necessary to break through the level of 1465. This level is the minimum of yesterday. This is an additional confirmation for the breakdown. The breakdown is not a signal but only indicates an acceptable direction. On the M1 chart, we determine the entry point.


For November 21, the market went through 200% of the 7-day ATR. In all probability, inertia purchases without extremes are expected. Oil can be bought by signals if, by the start of trading in the US session, the price level is updated to 57.00. Oil can be bought at around 56.00 with continued correction, where the Fibonacci level and symmetrical impulse end.

Scandinavian banks laundering crisis

Scandinavian banks laundering crisis

The shares of the Scandinavian bank Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB), accused of redirecting illegal funds from the Soviet Union, recovered after a statement refuting the charge. The stock is 11% lower than before the revealing release of the Swedish broadcaster SVT.

Danske Banc will allocate $ 295 million to expand the anti-money laundering system and freeze employment, excluding regulatory positions. The Banc also affirmed that the cost-revenue ratio that is a measure of basic profitability, grew up to 58.5%. The bank wants to return the ratio to 50 by 2023, but this can be problematic, given the loss of 20 thousand customers.

Now SEB has escaped the worst. Stocks hold above the low reached last year when the crisis began. Moreover, Danske Bank and Swedbank, another Swedish bank, were less fortunate as they faced similar charges. Their stocks are the worst among European banks this year. The Dutch bank ABN AMRO is in a similar situation and is the fifth worst in the industry since the beginning of the year.

Gold is testing key price levels amid hopes for a deal between the US and China

Gold is testing key price levels amid hopes for a deal between the US and China


The price of gold is approaching a monthly low of $ 1,446 amid growing expectations for trade between the US and China. A recent change in the price of gold limits the risk of a decline in value as a resistance zone of $ 1,447, which acts as support.


President Donald Trump has a tendency to lower tariffs. The ongoing shift in US trade policy, in turn, could turn into a global problem for the Federal Reserve. Hopes for an upcoming bargain can quickly fade. Weakness in global growth and the development of trade become an obstacle to the economy and create constant risks.

The Federal Open Market Committee is likely to take a break in the cycle of cutting rates since the current position of monetary policy will remain appropriate as long as the incoming economic information is in line with forecasts of moderate economic growth.

Fed futures reflect a 90% chance that the FOMC will hold the base interest rate at the last meeting in 2019, and a growing number of Fed officials may approve a wait-and-see approach in anticipation of the next interest rate decision of December 11, as the central bank seems in no hurry to cancel four rate hikes since 2018.

Deteriorating global growth prospects could lead to further isolation of the US economy in 2020, as many participants continue to view the downside risks associated with economic prospects as elevated.

Investor buying at Saudi Aramco

Investor buying at Saudi Aramco

About 4 million investors want to acquire a stake in the world’s largest oil company, having closed the Saudi Aramco’s retail tranche before the IPO one day before the completion of applications.

The contribution reached 32.6 billion riyals for $ 8.7 billion. The third part will be the largest sale of shares in the world. At the same time, it was reserved for retail investors. A nationwide advertising campaign, offering loans in excess of the standard limits, to finance the purchase influenced investors.

Some retail investors may invest in institutional offers using funds offered by local banks. People familiar with this issue wish to remain anonymous until the transaction is completed.

Euro Forecast: US Sentiment Data Could Push EUR / USD Lower

Euro Forecast: US Sentiment Data Could Push EUR / USD Lower

The Euro may drop compared to the US dollar if data on consumer confidence cool the Fed rates.The positive characteristic of the market pushed the US stock markets to a record historical maximum.EUR / USD broke through 1.1022 and is now at a low since November 14.

The euro/dollar fall will increase if consumer data in the US show positive results. Improving the mood of the global economy appears due to the fact that US stock markets reach historic highs amid optimism about the prospects for trade negotiations between the US and China. The question is how long this buoyancy can keep stocks and consumer optimism afloat.
The US economy is driven by costs, therefore, a confident consumer provides the necessary behavioral basis for supporting a consumption-based economy. Fed rates will increase and put pressure on the US dollar if these sentiments do not meet market expectations. Given the current situation, consumer confidence may be more optimistic and lead to a stronger dollar.