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With the LuxisTrade team, you will dispel all myths about the complexity of the financial market and trading, and most importantly, become part of it! Our company guarantees and provides the best online trading.

Why we are the best?



LuxisTrade team are real pros in their field! Every year, our specialists undergo special training and testing to remain the best and not lose their qualifications. They know what drives the market and are ready to come to your aid 24/5, support you in any matter, and most importantly their mission is to make you a real trading market shark!

Clients care

Clients care

Happy customers = successful company! Based on this, it is in our interests that you are satisfied with our work, for this we are doing everything possible and impossible. 100% positive feedback from everyone who collaborated with LuxisTrade speaks for itself!



One way to maintain discipline in the market is to have a clear strategy that you will adhere to even in emergency situations. We guarantee you the successful use of trading strategies for opening and closing positions.



The effectiveness of your development and profits directly depends on you, but our team will help you do this as quickly and efficiently as possible, and most importantly, reduce risks and possible losses.

What is trading?

Online trading is a very convenient and fast way to get a good income. Now making money is even easier, without leaving your home.
You can use your PC or smartphone to start earning money today with LuxisTrade.

Every opinion is important to us, we value our customers, therefore we listen to them.

Stages of trading with LuxisTrade:


Starting capital

The amount of starting capital depends on the market in which you plan to start trading. One of the unique advantages of the Forex market is that traders do not need huge amounts of capital to start, unlike stock markets.


Follow the rules of the trading system and money management

Professionals of exchange trading argue that success in financial markets depends primarily on the sound management of equity. Rules can be defined as the basic principles of trade, which must be strictly followed.


Risk must be conscious

RISK is necessary in small amounts, especially at the very beginning of your trading activity. Think soberly and prudently - if you are not confident in your abilities or have not thought through your further actions, do not risk capital.


Trading Strategy

A trading strategy includes the development, monitoring, testing and adjustment of an action plan that is based on the personal preferences of financial market agents: profit objectives, risk attitude, choice of a trading asset.

We created accounts that can be selected for any trader. We offer a starting demo account and a professional level account.

STANDARD types of account


PREMIUM types of account


Latest news

The analytical portal contains a description and analysis of applying trading strategies for 9 timeframes (from scalping to long-term investment periods). Trading strategies are based on signals from 23 technical indicators and cover all world trading sessions

Focusing on the strategies of experienced traders, you can choose a suitable and efficient market. We offer the forex market, metals, stocks and indices

Trading Platform

LuxisTrade offers you Meta Trader 4 (MT4) – one of the most popular trading platforms on the FOREX and CFD markets in the world. Free use for all of our customers.

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